Movies that inspired fashion trends

Fashion is a way of expressing someone’s culture. So it is a defining element of it. Both culture and fashion are man made. But can there be a spark that initiates human creativity? Can there be other arts that fashion trends are being inspired from? Yes there is and it is called movie.

Not every movie is able to do that, but almost randomly by magic a movie or a particular movie character will come along which will trigger something different in people to want to dress like and aspire to be them.

There are so many movies that instantly come to your mind when I ask you about them. You probably have your own favorite movies, the actors that inspired you to be more creative by expressing your feelings through what you wear. If you walk on the streets, you can see other people expressing their lifestyle through fashion trends that might not be so random in its root.

There is a big difference in various fashion trends that are coming from the movie world and their background. The classical movies did really touch people’s perception of what is beautiful and what it defines to be limiting in their life. The team behind the movies did put some unintentional elements into their scenes not knowing it would spark massive influence on the people.

But if we look on the other side, modern movie adaptations that got cult movie status in the fashion world is more of an engineered fashion trends or riding on the waves of an coming new fashion trends. There are simply too much coincidences that random fashion brand placement in the scene could be put there by accident.

In the following text I will try to present you the movies that affected the fashion trends in positive or negative way. Take special note to the selection of the movies as I will list only the ones I had actually watched and can judge them based on the content of the movie, that defining moments that imprinted into our minds and steered into new fashion waters or the style that come to my mind from recent history..

So here are my 5 movies, which maybe are not selection but did came to my mind while writing this article. Maybe after reading this article you will want to watch them again.


1. Rebel Without A Cause (1955)

james dean
James Dean. That is the name that you often hear that he was the original poster guy by having the bad boy look every girl was after him. This movie or shall I say Jim Stark the character played by James Dean is still a style guide book for many guys around the world. His legendary leather jacket, white t-shirt and jeans made more to unifying the perception of coolness in the following generations than any fashion trend designer had achieved ever. His early death did definitely bring him to eternal fame with the look he carried out in his personal life until the accident.


2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

 Audrey Hepburn

This is another classic movie that defined girls perception of what basic elegance should look like and kept this perception way into the future we live in now. Yet another movie that more than the movie, the fashion trends were affected by a main character Holly Golightly. Her iconic black dresses that made them a must have basic in any woman’s wardrobe. A piece of fabric that makes any girl look fabulous for any occasion, by wearing one she can definitely never miss her choice in any elegant event. Besides her dress there is another fashion accessory that still permeates the streets of the modern cities, the big sunglasses. Sometimes I would say they are too strong for personal appearance since they can completely change the perception of a person wearing them.


3. Barbarella (1968)

jane fonda

Maybe this style fall out of favor but in the 70s and 80s the futurism in that time was quite some sought after and influenced many artists with this psychedelic movie. If has brought more than just futurism to the fashion trends, it has shown that girls can express their sensuality through fashion trends which until that time was quite modest.


4. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)

sean penn

One of the movies that is maybe not known to younger readers but maybe it did more to defined current youth fashion lifestyle culture than any before on the list. You probably immediately recognize the Vans brand and more than a brand the whole lifestyle it represents. Well this was the movie that really catapulted them into the minds of youngsters around the world. In the movie only black and white checkered model was being used but now it is one of the defining iconic shoes among the generations.


5. Miami Vice (1984)

don johnson miami vice

After remake of a cult series from the eighties few years ago, the characters appeared as a well dressed metrosexual look that many men are after nowadays. But back in the days when they shot the series the image of a well dressed men with few feminine touches was a big change from the suits in the 80s, they were loud, they had bright pastel colors and often they look slouchy on a person wearing them.


Final thought on fashion trends in movies

So here are my current top 5 movies that definitely brought something interesting from their characters into the fashion trend guidelines for future generations. Some of the styles did take few generations to take notions but some were instant hit, never the less any of these styles perceptions is still actual and I think they are here to stay. So maybe it is time to watch some again and get reacquanted why some character cues get instant cult like following and why some don’t.