Types of Wearables Fashion

Types of wearables fashion

To recap in the last article we started by describing what the wearables are and where are we standing now with the progress. In this article we will go more in depth with different kinds and how they can help you to live a better life all around. We as a human have the ability not just to discover new things that enhance and improve our lives but also give them beautiful looking forms.

So far the technology was missing that part but with technology going into a background and we talk less about the specs and instead we talk more about the capabilities and the features it gives us, the more we enjoy them in daily life, the more we are looking after having a beautiful form and give a certain lifestyle statement.

Right now the most popular categories are daily activity trackers and smartwatches. Lets go a little bit over each category and see how it can help you express yourself with these daily wearables fashion items.

Daily Activity Trackers

If you really see yourself as a health conscious person this is definitely a must have item at the moment. They literally are able to record every your movement into precious data about your daily healthy habits or maybe not. But it is definitely an eye opener on how passive we have become in our daily life since we spend most of the day behind the desk whether it be in the school, the office or at home. So to avoid and be aware of it these trackers really can make a difference. There is surely a big drawback since they don’t quite fit into a fashionable accessory you would wear on more elegant or fashionable apparel but it suits more with a sporty casual look where average plastic bracelet are ok to mix with. Let’s go over few most popular models.

These are the wearables that can help you to achieve life goals like helping you to lose weight, increase your physical endurance or simply improving you general health well-being. Using it every day it gives you an additional motivation to keep on track especially if you share data with your friends.

Fitbit Flex Wireless

fitbix flexFitbit Flex

One of the most popular daily trackers fits well into a first generation of wearables fashion, you can still see it doesn’t quite satisfy the fashion factor yet. But it has all the needed sensors to track your daily life as you want it to. The biggest benefit of this model is that it has a removable module which you can use in other custom bands so there are potential to use the with more attractive bracelets. It tracks your movement, amount and quality of sleeping, amount of daily active time. In my opinion it has a great feature of using a silent alarm inside the bracelet which can wake you up without disturbing your loved one in the morning for example. It doesn’t have a screen to show you progress but it has 5 LED lights to show you how close to your daily goal are but to see more details you need to sync with your smartphone.  If you want to order one you can get it here


Jawbone UP24

Jawbone 24 UPJawbone 24UP

Jawbone’s second iteration has been refined to please visually more than its predecessor and also other competitors. It does not give you that cheap plastic feeling as the Flex model gives you. It also has a better sensors since it can differentiate between light and deep sleep. Another great feature is the vibrating feature which will give you a light buzz if you have been idle too long, perfect in office environment to take a break from desk and have a quick coffee. It is one of the more capable models on the market but still missing a display to inform you about your progress so you will need to have a smartphone to sync and track your changes. If you want to order one you can get it here



apple samsung android wear smartwatch

This is a fairly new category which in my opinion should make daily activity trackers obsolete in your daily life. What is a smartwatch you probably ask yourself if you are not familiar with it. It is basically a traditional size wristwatch on electronic steroids. In theory it has almost the same capabilities as your smartphone since it is run by same hardware and software inside but quite a different approach. Besides being able to track your daily life it has features that you usually want to have it on hand like always. These are the smartphone notifications, changing your current song, quick preview of a new email or to make a quick reply to a message. All that can be done just with voice control, although currently limited to major languages but in the future even that will change. As with your smartphone you can also download and install new features and apps for them too. Since the inception they are more in style comparing to daily activity trackers especially the really elegantly looking and well rounded the following Motorola 360 smartwatch.


Samsung Gear Live and LG G

samsung gearSamsung Gear Live

This Samsung first Android Wear smartwatch is under the hood quite similar to the following LG G smartwatch but they have few differences that might decide to go for Samsung’s smartwatch. The size and weight on these device can be negligible since they weigh approximately the same. But it definitely gives a more elegant feel to it, whereas the LG G has more youth appeal since it look more playful and fresh.

lg g watchLG G

Since Samsung introduced smartwatches before it actually feels like a simplified version of its predecessors but a well thought. It has a slightly smaller screen comparing to LG’s G. Since they both share the same operating system called Android Wear it should be basically able to do the same activities and features. One of the main drawback is the weak battery that barely holds for a full day, quite similar to smartphone problem. Both support and have ability to change to have multiple clock faces or just download a new one online. If you want to order a Samsung Smartwatch you can get it here, and to order a LG smartwatch you can get it here


Motorola 360

motorola 360Motorola 360

This is one smartwatch that has been introduced at the same time as the latter ones but is still not on the market. But it is definitely worth mentioning because this is a really elegant looking watch not just a geeky accessory you would wear on your wrist. I can imagine wearing this one every day in more formal attire or going more leisurely afternoon or a weekend. This one really shows how the beautiful form are taking shapes from pieces of electronic and gives us an option to express ourselves.



So here you have it a quick overview of the most popular wearables fashion items you can get on the market right now. What do you think about them. Give us your comment and like us on facebook www.facebook.com/lovabledaily or follow us on twitter at @lovabledaily

In the next article in wearables I will go after more wearables fashion concepts and actual products that are going to hit the shelves in the following years.