Wearables fashion is already around you

Wearables fashion is already around you


If you haven’t heard anyone talking about wearables you probably will sooner or later, because it is already around us and you might not even be aware of it. It is true that current first generation of wearables is still in its infancy but it is developing. It is one of the hottest areas that the whole fashion world is moving to and will definitely change the world around us. Not just our physical surrounding but also the social interaction, make us more health conscious and helping us to make better decisions in everyday.


What are the wearables?

Google-GlassGoogle Glass

Wearables or wearable technologies as they more often called are clothing and accessories that provide added value to your existing clothes you are currently wearing. Currently they come mostly as accessories or appendages to our regular clothes. We will cover these in the next section in details more.
You are probably asking yourself isn’t this a high technology areas related more to computers than to fashion enthusiasts. I would say no. The fashion or an actual trend is something that influence your decisions on a daily basis and you use it also to express your view on the world through your lifestyle.
Until now technology was usually coming in some kind of boxy form usually made of plastic, recently also metal casings that weren’t quite fashionable as something we understand but they were just made good enough to sell. There are few examples like Apple that is having major influence on industrial design but it is still limited.


Main paradigm of wearables is to hide its electronics from the naked eye and make it invisible while working for you. This breakthrough was enabled by the technological progress called miniaturization of microchips, which become so capable that chip smaller than your nail is more powerful than your few years old laptop.

This has made revolutionary breakthrough that made it possible to embed sensors inside fabrics or even actually making e-fabrics that behave as sensors.


First generation

img-0023Array of activity devices

As much as exciting does it sound first generation of wearables we are in, actually is not so exciting or fashionable as I have described it above. Most of the current wearables come in some form of wearable sensors, most of them are activity tracking devices. And they actually look pretty lame. This is due to manufacturing process that is still coming from computer industry that doesn’t allow larger variations on production styles.

In this generation we usually have activity trackers, gps watches, google glasses and lately smartwatches. People mostly wear them now for their daily routine or exercise and much less as a fashion statement.


Fashion meets technology

As people get more accustomed to the wearables the producers are raising barriers by collaborating with fashion icons to add more style to them.

fitbit-toryburchCollaboration between Tory Burch and Fitbit

I hope you get a first impression of what wearables are and what they are going to be. In the next part I am going to go more deep describing the synergy and coming trends this year.